Development as a Social Process: Contributions of Gerard Duveen

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Development as a Social Process: Contributions of Gerard Duveen

Psychology Philosophy Anthropology Social Theory. Articles Cited by. Dynamic process methodology in the social and developmental sciences, , The Cambridge handbook of social representations, , Contemporary theorizing in psychology, , British Journal of Social Psychology 53 4 , , Journal of Integrated Social Sciences 3 1 , , Oxford handbook of culture and psychology, , Share full text access.

Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Abstract While the productive role of social interaction between peers in promoting cognitive development has been clearly established, the communicative processes through which this is achieved is less clearly understood. Citing Literature. Volume 25 , Issue 1 March Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer.

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Social Representations - Serge Moscovici, Gerard Duveen - Bok () | Bokus

Email or Customer ID. In order to preserve and further develop his heritage, it is vital to pay the fullest attention to the rich repertoire of intellectual resources from which he created the network of coherent concepts.

Above all, these include dyadic micro- and macro-social relations in tension, which constitute the epistemology of common sense. They involve the Ego-Alter interdependence, the Ego-Alter-Object theory of knowledge, the holistic and dynamic structuredness of representations and communication, and making ethical choices. Living is dangerous: research challenges in social representations. Towards a paradigm for research on social representations.

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Translation of French original of by C. Evanston, IL. Bulletin de Psychologie , n.

  1. Contested Cities in the Modern World (Ethnic and Intercommunity Conflict);
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  3. The Addiction Treatment Planner (PracticePlanners).

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London: Polity, The making of modern social psychology: the hidden story of how an international social science was created. Cambridge: Polity, Communication as cure: communicative agency in persons with congenital deafblindness. Journal of Deafblind studies on Communication , v. Translation and introduction Alban J. Collected papers of Charles Sanders Peirce. Cambridge, Mass. Translation A. Boyle, introduction T.

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London: Dent, What cultural psychologies need: generalizing theories! Cybernetics, or control and communication in the animal and the machine. New York: Wiley , Trusting for learning. Dialogical approaches to trust in communication. Charlotte: Information Age, Services on Demand Journal. The strategic position of social psychology Serge Moscovici arrived to Paris in January from Romania, where he had experienced racism, discrimination and the rise of communist totalitarianism. Intellectua l resources of the theory of social representations and communication Common sense and science The study of psychoanalysis, which Moscovici chose to study social representations, brought to light the tension between scientific and professional thought on the one hand, and the daily thinking of ordinary people on the other.

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